Through years of continuous processing of studies on behalf of renowned quality providers of market research, our quality level and our performance have been evaluated and confirmed many times.

We guarantee the reliability of the data and timings through multi-level, detailed and standardised quality assurance systems at all levels of the project process as well as regular and meaningful updates.

Building blocks of our quality management system:

  • Group-wide ISO certification and thus uniform quality standards
  • Multi-stage interviewer training concept
  • Group-wide, cross-site monitoring
  • Technology-based quality assurance tools
  • Data protection and data security
  • Transparency and participation

Of course, there is a detailed and personal briefing for each project, as well as digital briefing documents in the direct access of the interviewer for reference. A test level of the questionnaire is available throughout the study.

Audio files are available at any time for difficult technical terms or names. For specific requirements of a project, videos are used for training purposes.

Our projects are accompanied by continuous monitoring. If necessary, our supervisors provide target-oriented support with the help of a modern messaging system.

Through this support, we are able to maintain our quality level at the highest standard throughout every stage of the project.



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    +34 871 803362

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